Podcasts I Like


January 30, 2024

Podcasts provide a variety of perspectives on topics in data science. These are some of my favorites about data science or random topics of interest.

Data Science Podcasts

I listen to these to get insights from people working in data science or to hear discussions about new ideas or topics not familiar to me. For other suggestions see here

  • Data Skeptic. Host Kyle Polich chats with researchers and practitioners on papers they have written on topics relevant to data science. It’s good for hearing about new technologies.
  • AI Today. Once you get past the overly long intros and corporate/self-promotion, the speakers come from a wide variety of government organizations, industries, and non-profits. I tend to fast forward a lot in the beginning and at the end.
  • Women in Data Science. Host Margot Gerritson interviews women from industry, government, and academia who are driving change in Data Science.
  • Stats and Stories. Sponsored by The American Statistical Association and Miami University of Ohio. Discussed topics in the intersections of data science/statistics and journalism.
  • More or Less: Behind the statistics. A BBC show where Tim Hartford discusses statistics that made the news.
  • O’Reilly Data Show
  • Resoundingly Human. Sponsored by INFORMS, the association for Operations Research and Information Management Science. Covers topics related to operations research and at times how data science methods are applied.
  • Data Crunch. Podcasts on a variety of topics related to data science.

General Interest Podcasts

These are usually not related to data science but I enjoy learning about different ideas.

  • Economist: Editors Picks. Speakers read three articles from each week’s edition of The Economist to provide a global perspective on topics.
  • Fresh Air. National Public Radio series of interviews with people in the news across many different fields of endeavor.
  • Grammar Girl. Host Mignon Fogarty discusses how and why we talk and write the way we do for effective communication.
  • Lexicon Valley Host John McWhorter discusses topics about the evolution and use of language around the world. Until July 2021 it was streamed on Slate. This podcast is just about language and is distinct from his podcast on political topics.
  • Science Magazine. Short interviews about articles in the latest edition of Science Magazine.
  • Song Exploder. Interviews with musical artists about one of thei popular songs and how it journeyed from idea to final production.
  • Ted Talks Daily. A selection from Ted Talk events around the world.
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz. Host Dallas Taylor, a sound engineer, tells the stories behind the “world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds”, e.g., the Netflix opening.